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Metallurgical Services Pvt Ltd(A Group Company of Exova)

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Fracture Fatigue Testing Laboratory - MTS 810

Fatigue Testing
MTS 810

In many applications, materials are subjected to vibrating or oscillating forces. The behavior of materials under such load conditions differs from the behavior under a static load. Because the material is subjected to repeated load cycles (fatigue) in actual use, designers are faced with predicting fatigue life.

Why Metallurgical?

Our range of fixtures enables testing from very low forces to machine capacity and allow for testing of multiple sample designs, components and devices. Tests can be performed on metals and non metals in air at temperatures from sub zero to 1100 deg C.

Standards : ASTM E466, ASTM E606, ASTM E 647

Testing Services Include

  • LCF : Low cycle fatigue
  • HCF : High Cycle Fatigue
  • S-N Curve
  • Fatigue Life
  • Fatigue Strength
  • Fatigue Crack Growth Rate
Fatigue Testing Laboratory - MTS 810 Servo Hydraulic

Fatigue TestingMTS 810 Servo Hydraulic


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