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Metallurgical Services Pvt Ltd(A Group Company of Exova)

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Stress & Creep Rupture Laboratory

Stress & Creep Rupture Test
ATS Series 2320 Creep Testing

To determine creep properties, a material is subjected to prolonged constant tension or compression loading at constant elevated temperature. Deformation is recorded at specified time intervals and a creep vs. time diagram is plotted. Slope of curve at any point is creep rate. If failure occurs, it terminates the test and the time for rupture is recorded.

Why Metallurgical?

Our creep facility includes 8 machines with multiple frames of ATS USA of different capacities.

Testing Services Include

  • Time to Rupture
  • Minimum (Steady State) Creep rate
  • Strain data at each time history
  • Creep rate data at each time history
Stress & Creep Rupture Laboratory

Creep & Stress Rupture TestingATS 2320


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